Poetry on the theme of Shadows (the shadow self) - soft spoken poetry to help you relax

Season 4, Episode 9,  Apr 11, 2022, 08:12 PM

Sally Anne rock - Again you fail to turn up dead 

Soo finch - I can’t send you back, can I ?

Daniel Duggan - Wolf

Emily Berry - Freud’s Beautiful Things

CM Crockford - the train

Simon Zec - Apex Poeter 

Louise Mather - The shape of darkness 

David Hay - A trip down a dark lane 

Polly Oliver - Moth - a sonnet

Sarah Connor - Earthed 

Nikki Dudley - Acceptance

Paul Brookes - Keeping darkness aflame 

Melody Wang - Maybe we weren’t meant to witness

Paula J Lambert - Dreaming the Shadow Self