4/15 - Activision is Buying its way out of the Lawsuit (probably illegally?)

Apr 15, 01:30 PM

Folks we're back with the hottest gaming news, including: Activision is paying off California Governor, Gavin Newsom, to get out of its lawsuit, the Saudi Crown Prince now owns 96% of SNK, and Kingdom Hearts 4 BAYBEEEE!

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Show Notes:
00:00 - Intro
2:05 - Trivia: How many flavors of Coke are available at Coca-Cola’s museum?
3:40 - Topics
15:51 - The Halo show now shows Master Chief’s master dong. https://kotaku.com/master-chief-nudity-halo-show-paramount-plus-ass-butt-1848762984
22:00 - Halo Infinite’s concurrent players drops below Master Chief Collection on Steam
32:07 - California’s Governor Gavin Newsom is accused of interfering with Activision lawsuit
44:09 - Jason speaks again
48:11 - The Winner is…
50:02 - Closing and Plugs