The Iron Mike News Roundup

Season 4,  Apr 15, 02:35 PM

Nat & Mike are back and fresh off the back of a long lunch, have dim sum on their minds and a new suggestion for producing the pod! In a jam packed show they lead off with the tragic death of Dwayne Haskins (5:00), discussing the questionable reporting surrounding it, before rolling into chat on Bruce Arians & the Tampa/Miami/Brady stitch (18:30), talk Baker throwing shade at the Browns (32:00), and Derek Carr getting paid and what the Raiders new look offense under McDaniels will look like (22:50). Rolling into the Draft (40:00), they weigh up the value of picks, the new look NFL where more and more teams are going all-in, before Mike gives us his three players to watch in the forthcoming Draft. Plus some mailbag action!