4/29 - Twitch will cut payouts for creators by 20%?

Apr 29, 02:30 PM

We're back with the weeks hottest gaming news, including: Twitch might cut the payouts for its creators by 20%, Ubisoft might be acquired by a bigger company, and PlayStation will add demos for all AAA games in the near future!

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Show Notes:
00:00 - Intro
1:40 - Trivia: When was Crazy Taxi released?
3:50 - Topics
5:22 - Twitch is reworking creator pay with an emphasis on paying creators less
(Here’s a non-pay wall article: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/twitch-exploring-subscription-revenue-cuts-bigger-focus-on-ads-report/1100-6502849/)
9:17 - Word on the Street is Ubisoft may get acquired soon
13:23 - All games above $34.99 will have a 2 hour demo with PS+ Premium plan
18:01 - It Takes Two movie in development, “The Rock” is involved.
22:44 - Halo Infinite will have 3 new mods in season 2, including a “battle royale” mode
27:23 - And while we’re at it, Jason Mamoa set to star in Minecraft movie
36:33 - Sega is working on Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio reboots. Will they succeed?
40:14 - The Winner is…
42:14 - Closing and Plugs