TEENY TINY: Austin Recap, Mind Set, and Roe V. Wade

Season 1, Episode 35,   May 06, 2022, 05:30 PM

WELCOME BACK to the Caffeine & Anxiety Podcast. After a -brief- hiatus, hosts Kristen & Jane discuss what they’ve been up to since their last episode. The girls break down the in’s & out’s of their trip to Austin, Texas, and give a play-by-play on how to rally and overcome a hangover in the name of having fun! Kristen and Jane discuss their travel nightmare experiences, and also get on the topic of health and wellness. They dissect yet another controversy surrounding Kim Kardashian, and her 16 pounds in 3 weeks weight loss. Nearing the end of this week's convo, the girl’s dig into Roe V. Wade in the U.S. and their thoughts on the issue.