POMM-cast Episode 19 - Seasonal Awareness with Marie Rachelle

Episode 19,  May 12, 02:00 PM

I’m beyond excited to share this episode of the POMM-cast with my very special guest Marie! It’s been almost 2 years since our paths crossed on social media, and we’ve been working together for nearly as long, yet somehow this is our first time meeting in person! When Marie shared her ambitious plans with me, I knew that she would benefit from my astrology insights and coaching. So far it’s been nothing short of magical to witness her using those insights, empowering herself with affirmations that she’s more than capable and already on the right path, no matter what obstacles may come. I have all the information about my astrology based coaching plans on my website, including this new 3-month Seasonal Awareness Plan! I’ll be linking that down below, but please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, and don’t forget to follow Marie to keep up with what she’s doing in the world of freelance! Thanks for listening! IG, tiktok, and twitter - @ eramoog website - eramoog.com