The Crime Analyst | Ep 75 | Investigating Jimmy Savile with Meirion Jones, Part 1

Episode 75,  May 17, 04:01 AM

Laura interviews Meirion Jones, who along with Liz MacKean, investigated Jimmy Savile when they worked for the BBC. Together they lifted the lid on Savile’s prolific and serial sexual offending behaviour, targeting the most vulnerable in society in plain sight.

Meirion takes us behind the scenes of his and Liz’s complex BBC Newsnight investigation, including how the BBC shut down the investigation and the subsequent cover up by the BBC and other institutions. 

Laura and Meirion discuss the Netflix documentary ‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’ including what didn’t make it into the two-part series as well as Savile’s grooming of individuals, the public and institutions and his psychology and victim preferential type.

Savile may be responsible for sexually assaulting between 1000—2000 victims.

Trigger warning: This case is deeply disturbing, and this episode is a difficult listen but an important conversation. We discuss sexual abuse, and you will hear a survivor graphically describe how Savile raped her and what happened afterwards. Listener discretion is advised.

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