This Game Called Life- Season 1 FINALE ft RUNXGUN

Episode 12,  May 17, 02:00 AM

Hello my fellow LIFERS!!

This is your boy GUAPO back after a long stretch of not posting any content!! I just want to start off by saying i'm incredibly thankful for being able to have all the resources around me to post and make this podcast in the first place!! I would personally like to thank everyone who has supported me from the beginning and into the times ahead!! 

Special shoutout to my co-host @pt_3480 and my brother over @waterfrontstudios the legend himself behind the lens, audio and editing!! @stooii much love and respects always for holding me down and introducing me into this podcast editing and Audio game!! 

I have taken some time off trying to really find myself and figure out why it is I do what I do and WHY. All the while dealing with a lot of internal issues, I just wasn't motivated to create or post anymore. I at times live in my head and base all my decisions off of past or current emotions, built up from my own insecurities. 

But what I have learned is being vulnerable and making mistakes, putting myself out there, wanting to make a positive impact, being myself, expressing how I feel and going threw my pains, is what I truly want out of this podcast.  If I can impact one person out there to be themselves, to feel and heal from pain, to be silly, to want to rap or freestyle or to smile, then ive done my deed. 

This is the end to season 1 of This game called life and its a very good feeling. Going forward I will continue to provide you guys with content!!

LOVE IS LOVE and lets learn to LOVE ALWAYS!!