#67 Finally a Solo Mum to be with Amy Wigg

Season 6, Episode 3,   May 17, 2022, 11:01 PM

Welcome to today’s episode of the Finally Pregnant Podcast, which is a fun and also serious chat with a childhood friend Amy. Amy is a 46 year old solo mum to be who has been through and made some tough decisions to get where she was when we spoke which was 14 weeks pregnant following loss and multiple rounds of IVF. Amy is currently pregnant following double donor IVF.

We cover a lot including a topic which, as you’ll hear me say, hasn’t come up on the podcast before and that is having previously had a termination or abortion. Now I know this can be a topic filled with opinion and passion but as always with everything discussed on this podcast I ask you to be respectful when discussing this – not just for Amy but for anyone who has been through this experience. As she says so eloquently in our conversation, this decision is never easy and comes with a lot of grief which is often – from the conversations I’ve had with others too – is brought to the fore when going through a ttc journey.

Some of the other topics that come up today are ones that I go into more detail in other episodes. Here are the links -

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