05/19/2022 Wake Up Call Hour 3

Episode 2198,  May 19, 04:45 PM

The #PGAChampionship has some big names playing, but one of the more iconic and beloved figures has to be #JohnDaly - Tony & Ronn explain; plus why Nick Saban needs to apologize to Jimbo Fisher and Deion Sanders for his recent comments about recruiting and NIL
Guest: CBS Sports' Shehan Jeyarajah joins the showgram to talk on all the things that went down in college football over the last 24 hours - from the #Pac12 eliminating divisions to #Alabama HC #NickSaban delivering some shots towards #TexasAM HC #JimboFisher and #JacksonState and #Aflac partner HC #DeionSanders about their recruiting practices under #NIL and everything in between