Content: FUT22's Best CB is 50k, Draft Tips & When To Buy #W36

May 24, 2022, 08:13 PM

Market and trading expert Nate — The FUT Accountant — joins FUT legend AirJapes, former man-of-the-people DJ and your host Ben to discuss:
  • Pound for Pound Powerhouse treachery
  • TOTS Araujo
  • Moments Fati
  • TOTS Otavio & Rafa
  • TOTS Fekir
  • TOTS Canales thoughts
  • Portuguese league and minor league thoughts
  • TOTS Benzema overpriced at 3m?
  • Meta player pricing — when to buy?
  • Investments to make
  • Draft tips
  • Draft improvements?
  • Loads more!
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