Episode 17 - If sharing this educates and saves lives, then I am glad I experienced coercive control! A Macrus Aurelius quote that leads to a discussion on spotting and surviving the most misunderstood form of domestic abuse

Episode 17,  May 28, 07:05 PM

Coercive Control is a major cause of suicide and most don't even spot it until its too late! Even the latest UK Government reports admit a huge lack of understanding in this area and it is extremely complex! But having experienced myself (twice!) to extreme degrees, I can say that if it were not for my own love of philosophy and ability to give myself the needed psychoanalytical therapy, I would have taken my own life - and I have experienced a lot as listeners know!  Maybe, this is why it was me who suffered those experiences of what is a psychological attack; to now use that wisdom to be able give the world an understanding of coercive control like no other with the aid of my incredible cohost Jamie, starting with this episode!

For the interview of Adams initial, listen to Episode 72 of Jamie's Optimise Me Now podcast which can be accessed here:

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