Kennedy hung from a power line

Episode 108,  Jun 03, 07:00 AM

Kennedy was driving her car, and a couple of her friends were with her. She lost control and the car began rolling over. All three of them were thrown out, but no one would have ever guessed where Kennedy ended up.

EMTs and other first responders see a lot of things. Sometimes, they arrive on scene and find a situation that they never expected to see.

In Port Orange, Florida, paramedics were called to the scene of a car accident on Interstate 95. Only one car was involved. When they arrived, they discovered that something had crashed through the windshield of the car and hit the driver in the head. That “something” was still inside the car. It was a large turtle. The driver of the car survived, and surprisingly, so did the turtle.

And then there are a lot of situations where first responders show up, and there’s nothing they can do. Accidents happen, and people die in a large variety of ways.

Chrissy is a Paramedic, and she has a video where she talks about the variety of calls she has been on. Some of the things she’s seen are pretty traumatizing. You can see her full video here: 

So paramedics are pretty much trained to expect the unexpected. But still, there are some things you would never even dream of happening.

My guest today is Kennedy, a teenage girl from Idaho. She was in a rollover car crash, and while the car was rolling she was thrown out. That in itself is not really that unusual – when you’re not wearing a seat belt, it’s very likely that you’re going to be flung out of the car with great force.

What makes Kennedy’s story very different is where she ended up.

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