Wednesday, June 1st 2022 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast

Jun 01, 03:17 PM

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk some pool secrets the general public may not know, Owen Wilson had the rims stolen off his Tesla, you can Airbnb a room at the prison Stanger Things 4 was filmed, a woman that bit her sisters eye off in a drunken fight, a dad on the hook for a giant broken Teletubby statue his son knocked over, how you were at the wrong place at the wrong time, MLB manager Don Mattingly’s son involved in DUI situation, a guy attacked by a kangaroo, a past $10million lottery winner just convicted of murder, a cook sentenced 10 years for stealing lobster, steak & fish, theaters worried about a popcorn supply chain shortage, a doctor warning people NOT to pee in the shower, and more!