Moulding dreams into reality - Raj Shahani, a businessman and a sculptor

Episode 65,  Jun 03, 04:30 AM

As Walt Disney rightly said – All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. And today we have with us a successful entrepreneur who found his calling after almost 30 years and made it big in the world of arts – Raj Shahani, a businessman and a sculptor.

Prior to his work as an artist, Raj spent over three decades as a businessman and marketing professional with companies in different corners of the world, before settling down in New York a few years ago. Only five years ago, he reignited his childhood love for the arts, and has made a name for himself as a prolific sculptor with a knack for creating exemplary human figurines.

He began developing his artist practice at the Arts Students League in New York, going on to work in studios in the United States and Amsterdam. Rhoda was his biggest inspiration since childhood and also He cites artists Phillipe Faraut (USA) and Jeremy Lipking (the Netherlands) as his mentors, encouraging him to follow his natural talent for sculpture. 

Raj is an active member on the board for the Arts Students League of New York and the Fine Arts society of America He is also on the board of The Most Outstanding American Teen a sister organisation of Miss America. Raj Shahani is on the board of Indo American Arts Council as well. 

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