Previously, on NonCensored, with guest Charlie Holt

Episode 1,   Jun 10, 2022, 10:59 AM

A collection of the best bits of the last year or so of Harriet Langley-Swindon's daily radio show, to show you the sort of content you can expect in the weekly NonCensored podcast.

Before the NonCensored podcast officially launches, we thought we'd get you up to speed with the tone of Harriet Langley-Swindon's daily radio show by asking her and producer Martin to present some highlights from the last year or so. So you'll hear

  • Eshaan Akbar offering us his take on Taking The Knee
  • Is the boat stuck in the Suez Canal "woke"?
  • An EXCLUSIVE interview with Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries
  • An interview with lawyer Charlie Holt about SLAPP cases, and why they're nothing to do with Will Smith or Chris Rock
Thanks to Rosie Holt (@RosieIsAHolt), Brendan Murphy (@NotMurphy), Eshaan Akbar (@EShaanAkbar), Sooz Kempner (@SoozUK), Charlie Holt (@holt_charlie) and Ed Morrish. 

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