Friday, June 10th 2022 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast

Jun 10, 03:04 PM

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about awkward situations/tasks you’d pay someone to do for you, Britney Spears ex-husband tried to crash her wedding, Emma Thompson upset that full bush has gone away, two workers at a M&M factory rescued from a tank of chocolate, fishermen that caught a catfish with a huge sex toy in its stomach, people are rushing to buy sex blankets, a body modified clown claims he is a sexual fetish, a criminal busted when he left his cell phone with no passcode in a van he stole, a guy that killed a food delivery driver because they forgot his sauce, the dumbest & deadliest TikTok challenge yet, people that track down their stolen property & the thieves that took it, and more!