From frustrated about followers to viral Reels star with stylist Anita Feron Clark @feronclarkstyle

Season 4, Episode 71,  Jun 21, 06:00 AM

Much has been written and said about Instagram's ability to make us feel bad about ourselves. To wonder what we're doing wrong or what someone else (with less qualifications and experience) is doing so right they've got a bigger following?

Our guest this time, personal stylist Anita Feron Clark was in this type of funk with Insta when I first met her a couple of years ago. But necessity is the mother of invention and Anita needed to make Instagram work to drive bookings to her business (mostly 121 consultations + a bit of influencer marketing).

So she found her lane, committed to her niche (mid-life women) went all-in on Reels. What do you know her follower numbers are growing like mad. 

In this episode we discuss,

  • viral Reels (and what it's like to have one)
  • representation in the influencer marketing industry (or lack of it)
  • the discipline of marketing
  • how old is too old
This is Anita's nearly-didn't-post-it-because-of-the-vpl-viral Reel:

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