CropCast - Gross Margins and Crop Trials

Season 2, Episode 10,  Jun 22, 10:07 AM

Welcome to CropCast, your go to podcast for all the latest information on arable crops. Each month, Tiffany Mactaggart will be joined by a range of industry experts, bringing you timely updates to help you make decisions in the field.

Producer George Gauley, Editor Iain Boyd, Executive Producer Kerry Hammond, in association with the Scottish Government

In this episode Tiffany Mactaggart is joined by senior SAC agricultural consultant Hugh Ironside to discuss some of his recent work looking at projected gross margins at differing grain and fertiliser prices.

Tiffany will also be joined by SAC principal consultant Mark Bowsher-Gibbs to discuss the upcoming cereal variety trials open evening on the 30th June at Ormiston Mains farm and why growers can benefit from visiting these trial sites.

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