#103| Kevin Gates Backed Into Corner No More Industry Relationships | Drake last Album says He Worth More Than 400 M's| Why Wack 100 Statement TO Big U Was Viewed as Apology | Money Bags Yo TO QC?

Episode 103,  Jun 27, 05:00 AM

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On This Episode Loon Gets into the New Drake Dance Album " Honestly Nevermind " Loon says this was a Data Move and it adds to the algirthiom. Loon does a deep dive on Drakes Worth in music and how this was a Data move. he also gets into Kevin gates who dropped his album "khan" loon looks into where Kevin gates stands in music at this time saying that he has lost a lot of the market share that he once had. also gets into the wack 100 responding to J Prince and  how what he said to BIG u was taken as an apology even tho he didn't say the words im sorry but we get into why that was vied as an apology. Loon says does money bags yo go to Qc after this album.  Steph Curry and much more

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