EP: 147 Empify (w/Guest Ashley M. Fox)

Season 3, Episode 147,  Nov 23, 2021, 01:00 PM

In this episode the BWR crew has the opportunity to interview Ashley M. Fox. Ashley is a Ashley M. Fox is a former Wall Street Analyst, a Howard University Grad and leading Millennial finance expert. After helping manage money for both millionaires and billionaires, during her career on Wall Street, Ashley felt that it was her God-given purpose to financially empower those who Wall Street would never talk to. This purpose would drive her to create her own financial education organization named EMPIFY (merging the words EMPower and modiFY) where she educates adults and children on how to build wealth. In this episode we discuss what led to EMPIFY, how Ashley built her platform and how she is using it now to help individuals learn how to build wealth. 

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