EP: 106 - Never Be Afraid To Bet On Yourself (Guest: Jimmy Bodies)

Season 3, Episode 106,  Apr 02, 2021, 10:00 AM

On this episode of the BWR Podcast, the crew had the pleasure of interviewing Jimmy Bodies. After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi, Jimmy toured overseas in the military and later worked as Project Manager for several years in Corporate America. After being laid off on Veteran’s day as a Veteran, Jimmy decided the best way to never be in this position again was to work for himself. Jimmy is now a residential and commercial contractor who has scaled his construction company to reach 7 Figures in the DFW area. Jimmy is the owner of Alpha Choice Construction Services, LLC and he specializes in building modern container and tiny homes. Tune in to learn all about how Jimmy started his own construction company, how to motivate and empower employees, and the budgeting and construction of modern container and tiny homes.

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