7/1 - Pokemon GO Developer Facing Layoffs?

Jul 02, 02:00 PM

We're back with the week's hottest gaming news! Topics Include: Pokemon GO developer Niantic facing Layoffs, Riot will Monitor their Voice Chat for Toxicity, and One Man Spent $40k to ask Nintendo why they aren't making F-Zero Games anymore.

00:00 - Intro
1:57 - Trivia: How much money has Fire Emblem Heroes made Nintendo?
4:51 - Topics
14:07 - Riot will monitor voice chat in Valorant for toxic behavior
18:04 - Game Devs in Quebec fear for their jobs over new law mandating French
25:46 - Master Chief Collection could start adding microtransactions, years after release
28:58 - A man bought $40k of Nintendo stock to ask about F-Zero
34:00 - QA firm for Cyberpunk 2077 accused of “misleading CD Projekt,” claps back
39:22 - Ron Gilbert says he will no longer post about Monkey Island after online harassment
45:10 - Ubisoft will add sudden forest fires to Riders Republic to draw awareness to climate change
49:31 - The Winner is…
50:34 - Closing, and Chris Pratt Impressions