The Real Wealth is Self Regulation

Episode 161,  Jul 05, 05:09 PM

I hoped you enjoyed the last 3 episodes on the first, second and third chakras and their influence on your life!

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I wanted a little BTS of what motivated me to record the episodes on the chakras! And give you the inside scoop of how I used this information in real life to move through my own trauma and triggers that moved me way out of balance.

During this process, I realized that the real wealth is self-regulation and becoming aware of what is happening to you in real-time. Noticing when you are unconscious and bringing yourself back to the present moment. Even if you have a lot of money; you need to care for it, potentially earn more, and not worry that it will dissipate.

All of that takes emotional intelligence and self-regulation on a daily basis! That is why I believe this work is so powerful and can literally shift timelines in your life.

I also wanted to remind you that all stress boils down to emotional stress and this is not something many of us were taught to address in our bodies! I want to help you get started on that process!

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