Nathan Williams from Wavves, Spirit Club and Sweet Valley

Jul 06, 07:22 AM

Episode 415:
No one ducks Turned Out A Punk forever! Today on the show, after 7 years of chasing, Wavves' Nathan Williams sits down with Damian. Listen in as the two old friends discuss Nathan's journey. From unknowingly going to Kid Dynamite shows with Lil Ugly Mane, to lectures from Stereolab, to the Pitchfork Sweepstakes, to dealing with the Hipster Runoff era and tons more!! This is not to be missed!

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Also touched on:

Video games as music discovery devices

Why wasn’t Fucked Up on Wavves’ GTA V punk station?

The redemption of pop-punk



The Ugly Mane connection

Parents finding out about Guttermouth 

MxPx and a wholesome tourbus afterparty

The religious punk escape hatch

Metalcore and more

Spacebags and sewer shows 

being a trve phreak punk

The local gods: Run For Your Life, Dratz and Danny Tanner (band)

Poway being a different world

Blink 182 at the Casbah

Sticker packs

Playing a mandolin in Portland

The Pitchfork Sweepstakes 

King Khan and the Shrines

Stephen Pope RULES

And so much more goodness!!!!