Season 2, Episode 19,  Jul 10, 2022, 10:27 PM

An explicit(ly) Christian comedy podcast for Honest Sinners & Faithful Followers... Because let's be honest, we'll never be perfect. We're half HOOD half HOLY, after all. 

On this episode, we talk: 
✨ Playing cards against humanity 
✨ Dark humor
✨ Learning to lose
✨ Not so proper praying 
✨ Our secret/mistake of the week

Thank you for the patience and love that has continued to be shown even through our few months break again. Turns out, this podcast is going to be a "come out when it can" pod, so buckle and enjoy as we keep trekking along to bring you hilariously, inappropriate Christian comedy... that we know you've been looking for. 

YOU ARE WELCOME HERE... And we'll pray for you. 

Obviously we need prayer, too... so thanks in advance for that. LOVE YOUUUUU.


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