Managing your six-figure expectations with Janet Murray @janmurrayuk

Season 4, Episode 77,  Jul 12, 05:30 AM

**Sensitive ears: there's a swear close to the beginning of this episode**

Content marketing and launch specialist Janet Murray tells us how she sold 13 places on the first course launch(far less than she hoped). But her disappointment taught her about managing expectations and what it really takes to run one of those 6-figure businesses the internet promises us is easy peasy.

Jan's one of a very few people who've given me solid gold advice in the past few years since I've been growing my online learning biz. Just when I needed to hear it, she said

  • niche down
  • send emails
  • just start selling the bloody course!
In this episode we talk about,

  • teaching vs coaching
  • dealing with an ADHD diagnosis
  • selling (and the big mistakes people make)
  • running memberships
Here are some ADHD resources recommended by Jan: 

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