ABC in Mantrap

Season 2, Episode 72,  Jul 14, 05:00 PM

This week, Pop Screen is warming up its fingers to peruse the lexicon of love with Mantrap, a short film starring ABC - but mostly their lead singer Martin Fry - and directed by Pop Screen's patron saint Julien Temple. Once again, we're joined by Gav Smith from the very fine My Favourite Film podcast, as he takes on his most challenging assignment to date - persuading Graham that early '80s synth pop is good, actually.

Along the way, we discuss the film's romantic lead Lisa Vanderpump and her later career on reality TV, the wayward career of the prolific Temple and whether The Fast Show has rendered jazz inherently 'nice'. If this strikes you as a fairly obscure choice of film even for our podcast, you're not wrong - this is the first, and no doubt last, film we'll cover that was originally released on Laserdisc...

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