Jarvis Cocker in Journeys into the Outside

Season 2, Episode 73,  Jul 21, 05:00 PM

This is (for) hardcore (fans): in celebrating the work of singer, radio host, memoirist and Greatest Living Englishman Jarvis Cocker, we could have picked anything from a Wes Anderson film to a Harry Potter one. Instead, Graham and Ewan have reunited for a look at a true collectors item, his 1999 Channel 4 documentary series about outsider art. See Jarvis tour the world visiting houses, gardens, castles and churches made by people with no architectural training, all of which look better than that description implies.

Along the way, we'll be diving into the rest of Jarvis's screen career, including the 2014 documentary Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets, which Ewan has just covered elsewhere. We'll also be talking about the legacy of Britpop - which, yes, means Graham gets to tell the "cagoules" story again - speculating on Johnny Marr's pub habits and deciding, once and for all, what the best Pulp album is. The answer may surprise you!

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