Ep 84 #JustBloodyBiteSize Olga Thompson: on being (so much) more than you are on the internet

Season 4, Episode 84,  Aug 09, 05:00 AM

**We discuss suicide and breakdown in this episode.**

Listen to find out how to share fearlessly with comedian and Kidscape ambassador Olga Thompson aka @big_fat_greekmother.

Olga's comedy sketches on Instagram only tell a fraction of the story of who she really is - a mum, writer, performer and mental health advocate.  And this conversation from Series 2 of #JustBloodyPost it reminds us of how much more there is to every person you follow on social media.

We chat about,

🔮 the magic of putting yourself out there and where it might take you
🧠 honest conversations about mental health
🙌 the joy of making mistakes

To listen to the full-length episode click here: https://audioboom.com/posts/7958202-comedy-and-scroll-stopping-honesty-with-olga-thompson-big_fat_greekmother.

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