NFL+ launches and is ESPN+ still a bargain? Plus, inside Genius Sports’ acquisition strategy

Jul 27, 2022, 05:00 AM

Nick Meacham and Chris Stone analyse the past week’s sports media news before Sean Conroy, EVP North America at Genius Sports, joins Tom Bassam for part two.

SportsPro chief executive Nick Meacham and community lead Chris Stone return to review some of the past week's biggest stories in sports media.

In part one, the pair ask whether ESPN+ is still too cheap after Disney increased the monthly cost of its sports streaming subscription service by 43 per cent.

In addition, they discuss what the official launch of NFL+ tells us about the football league’s streaming ambitions, while there’s also time to consider whether Serie A’s rumoured highlights platform will be able to offer enough to attract subscribers.

Then, in part two, SportsPro news editor Tom Bassam is joined by Sean Conroy, executive vice president for North America at Genius Sports, to hear more about the data and technology firm’s recent acquisition spree, as well as how the company is personalising the broadcast experience.