Cherie Currie in Wavelength (with Rob Simpson)

Season 2, Episode 74,  Jul 28, 05:00 PM

Dust off your tinfoil hats, Pop Screen is going conspiracy barmy with this week's episode on 1983's Wavelength. A Roger Corman-produced science fiction thriller starring The Runaways' Cherie Currie as a psychic who guides her singer-songwriter friend towards a military base full of captured extraterrestrials, it's notable for a great Tangerine Dream score, striking location shooting at LA's ominous Lookout Mountain facility, and having nearly been released before Spielberg's ET before it was delayed for additional special effects work.

This week, Rob from Directors Uncut rejoins the podcast to look at this unjustly forgotten film, talk about the legacy of The Runaways and look at the many famous films that Currie was nearly in. We also end with some praise for Peter Bogdanovich and some pleasingly gratuitous slams towards an old podcast enemy...

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