TTT: Systems and Processes - Unpacking the Job Checklist #6

Episode 80,  Aug 03, 07:00 PM

In this episode of the Firepreneurs Podcast, we resume unpacking the Job Checklist in our fifth episode of the series, specifically how to Implement and Utilize Door Hangers! This is tailored to home services companies, not just junk removal companies, as it is a foundational marketing impression that should be generated when you are out there doing the thing. It falls into Admin & Marketing/Sales processes within F.O.A.M. - If you don't like Boots on the Ground marketing then this may not click with you, but if you're looking to layer on your marketing tiers, then tune in!

Each episode in this series will take a piece from the Job Checklist that Bennett and team use at Fire Dawgs and explain why they include it on the job checklist and ways to utilize it within your company. This is the first in a series of videos that will tackle one of the most important systems and processes in a home services company.