How Can Politicians Reach Younger Generations?, WTF Internet News, Biden Gets His 'Big Deal' Moment

Season 8, Episode 28,  Aug 03, 05:33 PM

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of fake adulting and real breaking your soul!
  • Despite the latest news about Lizzo opting to remove an ableist slur from her latest album, Queen Bey find herself in a similar position with her new album.
  • Updated booster shots coming to an Apple store near you! (Jk, please don't spread misinfo.)
  • Andrew v Laura: who will hold out longest in the battle of the covid super dodgers?
  • WTF Internet News is here to unearth why an op-ed would posit that 'The Office' is a work setting we should aspire to, the infamous TikTok 'pink sauce,' and how a Polish Institute decided that domesticated cats are an invasive alien species.
  • Hulu and Disney were in hot water recently over Hulu's refusal to air political ads about controversial topics like gun reform and abortion access.
  • Disney has certainly had no problem taking political sides in the past... until it become brand damaging for them to do so.
  • While Disney and Hulu have changed course, we wonder how politicians can meaningfully hope to meet young voters where they are.
  • McConnell out-McConnelled: a tale of Republicans being shitty and getting it rubbed in their faces for once.
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  • Our recommendations this week come with your comfort, entertainment, and caffeine addictions in mind: Autonomous ErgoChair Pro (Andrew), Stray on PS and Steam (Laura), and Mr. Coffee Electric Grinder with multi-settings (Pam).
And in this week's installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Could 'ghosting' now be seen as an emotional offense?
  • Based on this, we come up with our own proposals for laws to address annoying things in life: excessive dog barking, rent increases, and parking too damn close to someone's car for them to reasonably access their own car.
  • What offensive custom honking sounds should Andrew record for his car?