Pre-Leicester v Brentford Podcast - It's all about Dream Team, Spanish Barbecues and Flowery Shirts

Episode 878,  Aug 04, 06:09 AM

The season is back. And the Beesotted crew may have been hanging out in three different countries but that didn't stop them from cramming themselves into the virtual joint and shooting the breeze on the Bees as they looked forward to the first match of the season against (and) Leicester.

Billy theBee Grant (@Billythebee99) in Javea, Dave Laney Lane (@Beesotted100) in Majorca and Matt The Allard Allard  (@theMattAllard) in Twickenham got together to chat Womens Euro success, Brentford's match against Real Betis and the imminent signing of Damsgaard from Sampdoria.

Plus Will the Winker (@allsoppwill) gives a statistical lowdown on the Bees - looking forward to the new season

And Leicester City journalist Jamie Thorpe (@thorpie54) gives us the lowdown on The Foxes