Ep. 438 - The Plight of Conservative Christian Furries

Aug 05, 04:24 AM

This week, we talked about Christian furries, atheists in federal prisons, a “new style” of atheism, and more!

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— The abortion referendum in Kansas was a rebuke to the Catholic Church. (2:10)

— Christian furries are worried about being outed... as Christians. (16:15)

— Do we really need a "new kind of atheism"? Not quite. (25:15)

— Democrats want the IRS to investigate non-profit groups that call themselves "churches" to avoid transparency. (43:15)

— The Mormon Church's "help line" is a weapon to bury allegations of sexual abuse. (50:45) 

— Australia's new Senate leader Sue Lines wants to end the tradition of Christian invocations. (1:07:05)

— The number of atheists in federal prison is almost non-existent. (1:12:15)