Meenakshi's Top 5 Shopping Secrets

Jul 29, 05:08 AM

Are you ready for My Top 5 shopping secrets? 

In my latest M-Power podcast episode I will be sharing tips on how to be a smart shopper.

“You have a great eye for fashion” – If only I had a penny for everytime I’ve heard this! And while I take this as a compliment to my style, I attribute it more to my shopping skills! That’s because I truly believe that smart shopping requires a bit of thought and a bit of planning too.   

So if you love shopping as much as I do, this episode is going to be of great help as I will be sharing some amazing shopping tips and hacks that I have learnt over the years! From when, where and why you should invest in certain pieces to how to achieve a winning look, I’m here to spill my top 5 shopping secrets. 

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