"Oh Lord!" exclaims Lee Greer as he's being arrested.

Episode 81,  Aug 08, 07:01 AM

31 year old, Calvin Lee Greer, on a business trip from his home in Norfork, AR to Orlando, FL, started chatting with a Perverted Justice Decoy by the name of Samantha or "Sammie" as Lee calls her. Lee would go on during the chats to lie about his age, claiming to be 28 years old. After an hour of chatting, Greer sent lewd pictures to the decoy saying he is "regular size, but thick." He would continue for a number of days to compliment and groom the decoy.  Greer, who apparently flew to Florida and rented a car to drive three hours to the sting house with McDonalds, alcohol, and condoms. When Chris emerged, Lee had the audacity to ask him who he is despite Lee being the one to enter his domain. When asked what his wife would think about his activities, he said that he really, really, really hoped she wouldn’t find out and he just wanted to go back to work. No such luck. The Ft. Myers Police came down hard on him as he cried, “Oh Lord!”