Accreditation & Social Procurement in the USA with Rebecca Dray

Season 3, Episode 109,  Aug 11, 07:00 AM

Originally from the United Kingdom, Rebecca grew up working in the hospitality industry, studying Hospitality Management and working for large companies like Marriott Hotels as well as smaller, community based enterprises. She then went on to work in the non-profit sector, developing mental health advocacy services. Starting her first social enterprise in 2006, she went on to set up seven further social enterprise companies around the country. Rebecca moved to the US in 2014 where she founded a social enterprise called Buy Social USA, offering social procurement support services to global corporations, governments and anchor institutions. Rebecca has travelled both the UK and US giving presentations, training and mentorship on the development of sustainable social enterprise models. Her passion is the creation of collaborative, ground-up approaches to tackling local, national and global social, racial and economic inequity.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Social Enterprise models & governance in the USA
  • Social Procurement and how it can help social enterprises grow, as well as help corporates have a better social impact
  • The importance of accreditation for the social enterprise sector
  • ....and Rebecca's fascinating story of her journey as a social entrepreneur

Connect with Rebecca and find out more about Buy Social USA

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