The Crime Analyst | Ep 88 | Gabby Petito’s Parents Lawsuit Against Moab City Police, Part 12

Episode 88,  Aug 12, 05:37 PM

Laura discusses a significant update in Gabby Petito’s case. On Monday 8th August 2022, almost a year to the date of the Moab City Police stop of Gabby’s white van, Gabby’s mother, Nichole and step-father Jim Schmidt and Gabby’s father, Joe and step-mother Tara Petito filed a notice of intent to sue Moab City Police in Utah.

The lawsuit accuses them of “negligent failure” to first understand the law and enforce it. They also accuse Moab City Police of “wrongful death” saying that Gabby’s “death was caused by their wrongful acts or neglect.” They are seeking $50m in damages.

You won’t want to miss this.

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