Overcoming Recession Concerns with 33 Year Home Services Veteran Brian Hegarty

Episode 81,  Aug 12, 09:00 PM

On this episode of the Firepreneurs Podcast, we bring on guest Brian Hegarty. 33 Year Veteran of the Home Services Industry, Brian has endured and thrived in many of the financial crises over the last 3 decades. That type of resiliency gives him a confidence that says "Bring It On" to all this talk of a Recession. Hearing from those who have been there done that is a huge confidence builder for business owners and Firepreneurs who may be in the early stages of building their business, or are nervous about holding onto what they've already built. Brian's authenticity and positive attitude makes this a well timed interview for our audience; however, the lessons he describes in the interview will be applicable for years to come.