The Soundtrack Episode 5 with Gregory Gourdet

Episode 5,  Aug 12, 11:00 PM

For our fifth episode of The Soundtrack, Binna sits down with Gregory Gourdet for Haitian Flag Day to talk Haitian heritage, culinary background, and much more!

Here is an excerpt from Gourdet's Wikipedia page, "Gregory Gourdet (born July 25, 1975) is an American chef, writer, restaurateur, and former finalist on the twelfth and seventeenth seasons of Bravo's American reality television series, Top Chef.[1] He is of Haitian descent. He is the owner of the pop-up restaurant Kann and the former executive chef and culinary director of Departure at The Nines in Portland, Oregon. His book, Everyone’s Table: Global Recipes for Modern Health, is a national bestseller."

This is from Gourdet's Instagram, @gg30000 about his new restaurant, Kann "Kann is about Haiti’s rich culture and cuisine. From the origin of BBQ, to its many culinary gifts to the world like epis, pikliz, chocolate, coffee and rum. It’s about Oregon and it’s seasons. It’s about creating a space where teammates can grow and reach for the stars. It’s about paying it forward to the next generation just like how my mentors always supported me"
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