G&B Productions DGB Off The Porch Interview

Aug 15, 06:31 PM

Recently we linked with Houston production duo G-Luck and B-Don for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit down they talked about life in Houston right now, coming from the Southside of Houston, meeting in high school, rapping at first before turning to making beats, starting off using hardware, their creative process when cooking up together, their thoughts on the current sound of rap music, the growth in their production, explain how they have remained to stay relevant for 15+ years, going platinum in 2005 for producing Letoya Lucket’s debut album, working with Slim Thug for over 10 years, Slim Thug linking them with Boosie, producing over 20 songs for Boosie the first 3 months, explain what it’s like working with Z-Ro, Boosie leaving chemo therapy and doing at least 7 songs a day, share the story of how they met Sauce Walka, share a hilarious story of Sauce Walka & Elliott Wilson, working closely with Propain, upcoming music, and much more!