Podcast: Thomas Frank Preps U8’s Team of Sheep for Trip to Putney - Fulham v Brentford Preview

Episode 883,  Aug 17, 03:46 PM

Still riding high off their victory against Manchester United in which Brentford absolutely wiped the floor with the Red Devils, beating them 4-0, the Beesotted crew abandoned the virtual joint and got down the real pub - heading down to the Globe in Brentford for the first time since a few days before to talk all things football

Billy The Bee Grant (@BillyTheBee99), Dave Laney Lane (@Beesotted100) and Lewis The Holmes hooked up in the boozer to chat: 

👹Manchester United game. Was this the best Brentford result ever?
🙌🏾We head what Brentford and Man United fans had to say straight after the match
🐑 Talking Devils Podcast’s accusation that Brentford was a team of 8 year olds who ran around like sheep
🇩🇰Thomas Frank on Talksport radio. Will he be at Brentford forever?


 🎶Jonathan JB Burchill (@Jonathan77777) gives us more facts and funk

⚪️Sammy James from Fulhamish Podcast (@FulhamishPod) gives us the lowdown on Fulham and tell us whether he thinks it’s Bees Up Fulham Down this season