Overplop, with guest Geoff Norcott

Episode 13,   Aug 26, 2022, 11:55 AM

Emily Maitlis, Sewage and Escape From New York - find out what to think about all of them in this week's episode of NonCensored.

NonCensored is a weekly round up of Harriet Langley-Swindon's very popular, very real daily radio show, completely non-Censored (but with all of the rubbish edited out).

This week Harriet and Producer Martin are joined by Diversity Correspondent Eshaan Akbar, who explains why it's good that Robbie Gibb - sorry, Sir Robbie Gibb - is actually doing his job; the head of Central South Thames Water Douglas Brown talks us through the practicalities of disposing of "naughty gravy"; we have junior justice minister Clifford Clifford to talk about the cuts to the justice system and why there's scope for even more; and there's an extended interview with comedian Geoff Norcott, about class, diversity, and Harriet's personal life.

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Thanks to Rosie Holt (@RosieIsAHolt), Brendan Murphy (@NotMurphy), Eshaan Akbar (@EShaanAkbar), Oliver Izod (@OliverIzod), Colin Hoult (@ColinHoult), Geoff Norcott (@GeoffNorcott) and Ed Morrish.

Show photography by Karla Gowlett (photoperspective.co.uk) and show design by Chris Barker (chrisbarkerprints.co.uk). Music and jingles by Paddy Gervers & Rob Sell (torchandcompass.com). 

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