Episode 160: The Venom of a Toad

Episode 160,  Sep 04, 08:12 PM

Ignacio Jordà González is better known under his screen name in the adult entertainment industry as Nacho Vidal. Vidal has led many people though a spiritual walk to their souls with the help of the dehydrated scales of the Colorado river toad (also known as other names). There is a venom on the scales that is known to have hallucinogenic properties and can be deadly. It was during a ritual that Nacho is alleged to have been the leader of, when Jose Abad tragically died due to adverse reactions from the venom. The 11 month investigation into the fashion photographers death leads them to the home of Nacho Vidal and this was not his first encounters with the law either.

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Music By: Jonas Bjornstand
Cover Art By: Charnell Lennox
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