From Childhood Pet Snake To Wildlife Advocate, TV Presenter and Author With Ben Dessen.

Season 2, Episode 5,   Sep 07, 2022, 04:00 PM

Like many Ben Dessen is a proud pet parent. But Ben’s pet family is unlike most households; it’s more like a marvellous menagerie packed with animals of all varieties. 

From a young boy Ben had a passion for reptiles and when his parents gave him his first snake he knew that his life’s work would be centered around protecting our wildlife. From amphibians to creepy crawlies, an assortment of rescued native birds and marsupials, as well as a wide variety of reptilian species of all shapes and sizes and of course his beloved tail-wagger, Ben shares his life with all of them.

Since his very first pet snake Ben has dedicated his life to helping animals having gained qualifications in animal science and conservation biology. Ben has globe-trotted through the open plains of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, walked in Charles Darwin’s footsteps through the Galapagos Islands and spent time living in the ancient biodiverse rainforests of Borneo in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago.

Ben can often be found bringing his pets onto morning television on every major Network in Australia, has appeared on Bondi Vet and is launching his children’s book “The Ultimate Pet Handbook” later this year.

We are so excited that Ben has agreed to feature on Inspo with a passion to share his wisdom with all things animals. 

Press play and discover the incredible journey animal filled adventure that Ben has been on and get inspired to play your role in protecting the wildlife that is housed on this beautiful planet. 

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