The Founder's Journey: Pain, Economic Pressure And Life Changing Opportunities With Steve Grace

Season 2, Episode 6,   Sep 15, 2022, 12:00 AM

There is a flurry of activity going on behind the scenes of Inspo - from building the tech to legals and agreements, from securing major global talent to planning launch strategies. 

At this particular point in time, given the economic struggle that the start-up industry is facing, I wanted to speak to someone who knows a thing or two about building start-ups and I am grateful that Steve Grace found time to talk.

Steve Grace is the founder of The Nudge Group, a global company that is focused on connecting world-class talent with start-ups and scale-ups, he is very experienced in the start-up world and is an Antler Angel who invests in numerous businesses.

Steve was also one of the very first people, outside of my circle, that I shared the vision for Inspo with, at a conference at the beginning of the year. 

With such a depth of experience and knowledge of the start-up landscape Steve was the perfect person to sit down with to discuss the current state of Inspo, of building the start-up, to seek advice on growth strategies and to gain understanding when it comes to the economic issues facing the startup world.

If you are on your own start-up journey or you are someone who is chasing your own adventure then this is the episode to listen to!

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