Building and Selling A Successful Business To Becoming A Solo-Mum With Kylie Green

Season 2, Episode 7,   Sep 22, 2022, 12:00 AM

Kylie Green is the CEO and Founder of The Lime Agency - a leading talent management company here in Australia. Kylie was initially a talent manager that we reached out to with the goal of seeing whether any of her talent would be interested in signing up to Inspo… but little did we know that Kylie was an expert in her own right.

After building a successful company Kylie was single and wanted a child and after the sale of her company she decided to become a “solo-mum” who would find a sperm donor and raise a child on her own. This process was extremely successful for Kylie and suddenly she found other single women wanting to become solo-mum’s and, being an expert she was happy to advise. 

Kylie’s story is a powerful one of boldness, bravery, knowing what you want and going for it.

We are absolutely delighted to have invited Kylie to become an expert on the Inspo platform and in this episode of the Inspo podcast I sit down with Kylie to learn more about her courageous and inspiring story. 

Hit play and let’s get straight into the conversation.

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