The Beatles in Yellow Submarine (with Mick Snowden)

Episode 78,  Sep 22, 05:00 PM

It was sixty years ago... well, not today, exactly, but soon, when the Beatles released their first single, so to celebrate Pop Screen is returning to their screen canon for the first time since our very first episode. An experimental, influential animated freak-out, Yellow Submarine was made to fill out the band's movie contract but became so, so much more (although being more than that isn't difficult. Whatever. It's good).

To celebrate, we've helpfully reminded Mick from Behold! podcast that yes, he did put his name down for this one, and brought him back on. Listen as he reveals which previous Pop Screen-endorsed movie this reminds him of - it may not be the one you think. We also uncover the strange stories that the movie's almost-Beatles-sounding voice cast have to tell, and take a look at the eye-searingly horrible concept art for Robert Zemeckis's abandoned CGI remake.

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